At AVASIA we are passionate about our subscribers being informed enough to make the best choices for themselves and their baby.

How to do that?  Well, of course, in 2016 there are many ways to do this, and probably a selection is best.  There are many extremely good and informative TV programs, YouTube, Radio, podcasts etc., but our favorite way is still the good old book.  The great thing about a book is that it’s always there for reference if you need to take a second look.

If you take a look at our Book Reviews section you will see our reviews of some of the best known, and perhaps some lesser known books as well, but we know that we simply can’t keep on top of everything that is published, or, for that matter, everything that has already been published!  The book review section has a selection of our favorites for one reason or another, but we have only scratched the surface.  We like to think of the books listed there, you should find something you want to delve deeper into, but we know we can’t make this the resource we would like it to become for all those trying for a baby, pregnant, breastfeeding, with a newborn or toddler etc. without some help and that’s where you come in.

Do you have a favorite book on any of those topics?  If you do, you need to do two things.  Firstly, you need to subscribe to our mailing list, and then you need to send us your book review by email to the contact details on this website.  We will be looking to take the best review sent in each month from a subscriber, to publish on our site.  Make it serious, make it lighthearted.  Make us laugh, make us cry – we will check each review for originality, so don’t just copy a review from Amazon – we’ll find out!  For each review published, we will be offering the reviewer a year’s supply of one AVASIA product of your choice, completely free.

If you don’t feel up to writing the review yourself, subscribe and then send us your book recommendation by adding a comment below this blog post.  If we read it and like it, and subsequently add it to our list of recommended books, we’ll send you one free product of your choice.  Obviously, if more than one person recommends the same book, we have to go with the first person to email about that particular book, but you’ll know if it’s you because you’ll be able to see the list!

All winners will be notified within five days of month end and there will be a maximum of one prize per month in each category.  The first prizes will be decided at the end of May with prize winners notified by the end of the first week in June.  If you have made a book recommendation via the comments box, then you may not win in the same month as we have to read some of the books recommended before we make a decision.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get reading, get informed, and get some great AVASIA products for free!