At AVASIA we are continually searching out new products to bring to our customers which we feel adhere to the guidelines we have set ourselves relating to sustainability, quality of raw product or ingredients, type/ethos of manufacturing and many others.  Whilst our first few products have all been supplements specifically aimed at those intending to become pregnant, already pregnant, or families with a baby, we have felt for some time that we would like to expand our range, both within and outside of purely supplements.  The USA is our core market and has been a great place to build awareness of our brand.  It has become a fabulous market for us, and our products have been well received by our customers and subscribers here.  All our products are currently manufactured in the US and our intention is to find other products here which are sourced and manufactured here.  We recognize that although this makes any product we look at, more expensive than a foreign import, the quality, which is what we believe our customers are looking for, is unmatched.  We believe there is a place for great quality, premium products and that our customers are willing to pay extra for such premium products.  We have already seen this in our supplements – the last two products launched are organic and vegetarian.  Our prenatal vitamin is whole food based and both that, and our organic folate (not synthetic folic acid) are only made with premium natural products.

Fate however, has now played a part as I moved to London at the end of July.  For that reason, because I will be here, we have decided that we will also be looking at sourcing products in Europe.  We do not currently sell our supplements in Europe because the governments there have slightly different guidelines for supplements which would involve researching new products, building relationships with manufacturing facilities in Europe etc. so, whilst we will be investigating all possibilities to launch our supplement products there, we will be focusing in the short term on non-supplement products, which again will be sourced and sold in Europe.

It is a little too early to say exactly what these products may be, but they are likely to be products from fabric which is ethically sourced, organic, probably cotton, perhaps other fabrics as well.  We are looking at products which, whether an every day item, or a special baby shower gift, are outstanding in their performance and easy to maintain – lets’ face it – with a new baby who has time to muck around with special wash instructions!  Whilst it will be possible for our US customers to purchase these goods from Europe, we will also be looking to mirror any products sold in Europe by finding similar suppliers in the USA so that these products, sold in the USA, will be made in the USA.  We are really excited about the expansion of the AVASIA brand into Europe and will keep you posted of all new developments as and when they occur.