Morning sickness is one battle that most pregnant women have to fight.  Feeling sick is not a pleasant feeling and when you are pregnant, it becomes unbearable.  Most women would go to any lengths to avoid it, however, before you reach for the sickness relieving drugs (even assuming they work), perhaps you should consider some more natural remedies for sickness relief that are unlikely to have any detrimental effect on your baby.  Thankfully, there are many you can consider and one of the most effective ones is aromatherapy.  Essential oils have many benefits at all times, and they do not disappoint in pregnancy either.  Some of the most effective types of oils are discussed here.  Each one has its own list of uses, but it’s good to consider some or all of them for your own use, daily.

Lemon Essential Oil

The oil is concentrated with the nectar of the lemon fruit and carries with it all nausea relieving properties of the citrus.  The aroma of the oil travels through the nasal passages and acts rapidly to relieve nausea, helping you get over that sudden urge to vomit.  The oil is one of the fresh and familiar scents that are recommended for use in the first trimester.

Lavender Oil

Extracted from the flower itself, the oil has a pleasant and mildly refreshing scent that helps to keep the nauseous feelings at bay.  It is also one of the safest oils to use, but it is very powerful too.  A few drops can work wonders, so its use needs to be in moderation.  The soothing effects of lavender can be used later in pregnancy, and during the birth as well, but we’ll save that for another time.

Peppermint Oil

This oil, made from the juices of the stem, leaves and flowers of the peppermint plant has an array of benefits.  The oil has a unique combination of constituents that relieves nausea caused due to the rapidly changing hormones of pregnancy.  Peppermint oil is also a good natural remedy to treat headaches, helping you counteract the two most common troubles of your pregnancy.

Wild Orange Essential Oil

The enchanting and refreshing aroma of this natural remedy help clear away the desire to vomit.  It has an uplifting effect on your mind and body also which can help you regain your senses and eliminate any depressing thoughts associated with feeling almost constantly unwell.  At the same time, the essential oil has a very positive effect on your emotions also, which helps you look at everything in a more positive way.


In addition to using each oil as a seperate entity, you can also consider blending them to bolster their effects.  Certain oils, when mixed, can increase their nausea relieving benefits to relieve your symptoms faster than usual.  Two of the commonly used blends worth considering are:

  • 6 drops of wild orange and 2 drops of lavender
  • 4 drops of peppermint and 4 drops of lemon


There are many different ways that you can use essential oils.  Many women swear by the benefits of sniffing these oils, whereas others say there is more benefit in using a diffuser.  Ultimately, it all comes down to convenience and your own preferences.  What is great for one woman may not have the same effect for you, hence, it is good if you try out all the different ways of aromatherapy to find the one that suits you best, though there may be a time and place for different methods.  You can find numerous methods with precise details online that help people reap the benefits of essential oils in their daily lives.  Some of the more common methods that you can use in your pregnancy include:

  • Breathing it directly out of the bottle.  Some women find it easy to uncork the bottle and sniff the oil as soon as they feel nauseous.  They say it helps relieve the symptoms immediately.  The plus point is, you can have a bottle with you in your purse wherever you go so that you can help yourself at a moment’s notice.  However, it is important to sniff the diluted versions of the oil and not the concentrated nectar.  This is because such a powerful oil can overwhelm and overpower you, becoming a hazard, rather than a benefit.
  • Diffusers are another way to really get the oil into your system.  The downside to this method is the extra time and effort it requires, as well as the reduced ease of portability.  However, the relieving benefits of the oil, cover for these minor inconveniences.
  • Rubbing the oil onto your neck, forehead and temples, and chest can also provide you with a constant aroma of the oil.  In addition to this, the local benefits of the application are an added plus!
  • Soak a cloth in essential oil water and apply it to the chest or the forehead.  This again allows the oil to diffuse through the cloth to the nostrils to deliver its benefits.  The local site of application is also relieved by the direction action of the oil

Whichever option, or combination of options you try out, these natural remedies are some of the best means of relieving the morning sickness of pregnancy.  They are more effective and a better choice for you and your baby’s health, proving to be a great alternative to the medical interventions.  yes, there are certain conditions where using the medical formulas becomes unavoidable, but there may be consequences that come with it as well.  Battling morning sickness and the urge to reach for the medicine bottle can be tough, but when you can help yourself by going natural, why not give it a risk-free try first?