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Our Bestselling Prenatal Complete Multivitamin Liquid is now only available to Wholesale customers, or those who wish to purchase a minimum of 12 bottles.  Please contact us directly to obtain a competitive quotation based on the volume ordered.

Our Liquid Whole Food Prenatal Vitamin has 800 mcg of folate (folic acid in its natural form) and is derived from certified organic whole-food vitamin mineral blends.  It combines all the whole food organic goodness of natural fruits and herbs with all the vitamins and minerals you would expect to see in a prenatal vitamin.

At AVASIA we recognize that some people have trouble taking tablets, no matter how small, no matter how well shaped.  We also recognize that if you are planning a baby, or already pregnant, the last thing you should be doing is skipping taking your prenatal vitamins because you don’t like the pills, whether it’s the size, or the fact that swallowing them makes you nauseous.  The liquid form makes it easy to take and to swallow.  Numerous studies have shown that taking supplements in liquid form ensures quicker absorption and therefore, if you are nauseous, there is less likelihood of the nausea causing you to miss out on nutrients that are important for your well being, but potential vital to your baby.  

The folate is extracted from organic lemon peel and is the most natural form of Vitamin B9 (folic acid).  All Vitamin B9 is water soluble which means that the body does not store it.  It is therefore important to get an appropriate level of folate every day.  It is recommended that women planning to conceive or already pregnant, take 800 mcg of folate per day to lower the risk of neural birth defects, including cleft palate, spina bifida and brain damage.

These premium prenatal vitamins and minerals provide you with 800 mcg folate in your daily dose and because of the whole food based nutrients it is also the perfect supplement to take after you’ve had your baby to ensure that your body is best supported whilst breastfeeding, or simply well nourished, when lack of sleep can leave you feeling worn out!

Our Best Prenatal Vitamins contain no artificial coloring or flavoring, no sugar, no starch, no salt, no wheat, no gluten, no yeast, no milk derivatives.  They are 100% vegetarian and proudly Made in the USA.  

Wholesale customers please contact us for a quotation

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